West Oakland Punks With Lunch

West Oakland Punks with Lunch is a guerilla not-for-profit Harm reduction outreach organization providing food and other necessities to people experiencing homelessness


West Oakland Punks with Lunch would love to extend a loving thank you to all our supporters in the community.

We have come a long way and it isn’t without lots of help!

WE DID IT! WE RAISED $1500!!!!

Thanks to:
Clint and the dudes from East Bay Soup Kitchen for providing a full PA set up that fucking killed it!
Thanks to Ian and Rizzy from 2 Lazy Boys for letting us borrow the generator
Thanks to Anna, Muki, and Erick for handling the beer situation
Thanks to Ghost Town Brewery for providing the beer!
Thanks to Frank, Schon, Jeanette, Marlo, Khatherine, Ryan, Marianne, Carlos, Bopha, for handling the merch table, raffle and door
Thanks for Mike for making us our birthday cake!

2 Lazy Boys
East Bay Soup Kitchen
(double thanks for helping with the 2nd generator)
Sabertooth Rockers
High Pressure

Thanks to everyone else I missed. 
You guys are so amazing!
Thank you for playing our show. It means the world to us.

Look out for more shows from us! 
We want our community to be involved in this project! 
If you are interested in hosting one of our events, please hit us up!

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at PWL!

Yesterday, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence graced us with their presence. Not only did they help out and donated their time with us, but they, also, awarded us with a $1,000 grant! We are so grateful and honored to have them as support.

Thanks, Novice Sister Tilda, for thinking of us!

Thanks to the Sisters for supporting us!

Photos by Aaron Rubin
All Photos were taken with permission.